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Two of the family's seven kids come to the sink next.Six-year-old Gabriel stands on his toes to reach the sink and wet his toothbrush with another splash from the bottle while 8-year-old Nala uses her teeth to loosen the lid of another bottle.Half a decade since the Flint water crisis began, Marshall said she'll never use unfiltered water again, and Uherek said he needs to see more changes to consider trusting it."As long as we reside inside the city it's just going to continue," Uherek said. Half of Flint residents questioned in a recent survey commissioned by the city and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services said they still don't trust the water, only a slight decline from two years ago.Though state and independent monitors have tested the water in Flint, officials acknowledge that improved test results can only go so far in a community that no longer trusts its water -- or government.With impressive global resources, local service and personalised expertise - Flint Group is dedicated to bringing colour and function to the printing and packaging products that consumers touch, see and use each day! Jacob Uherek holds an open bottle of water in one hand and brushes his teeth with the other at his kitchen sink in his Flint, Michigan, home.contaminated with lead, even after officials said the situation had vastly improved." data-reactid="24"He said his family still won't use the water five years after the city's water source was switched and the local water became contaminated with lead, even after officials said the situation had vastly improved."This is just what we gotta do here in Flint," he said, rinsing his toothbrush with another pour from the bottle and taking a drink to rinse his mouth.State and federal investigations have since concluded that the state's environmental agency was "callous and dismissive" and that multiple agencies could have prevented the crisis.

The Environmental Protection Agency said the country needs to spend more than 0 billion to maintain and improve drinking water infrastructure over the next 20 years.(MORE: 3 years after Flint, lead is still a public health crisis)" data-reactid="71"(MORE: 3 years after Flint, lead is still a public health crisis)Prior to April 2014, the city of Flint used water through a pipeline to Detroit.So now the city is relying on bottled water donated by companies like Nestle and private charities.according to its website." data-reactid="129"The branch of Nestle Waters that operates in North America has donated about 3.2 million bottles of water to Flint residents and schools since October 2015, according to its website.Jeffrey Hawkins, pastor at Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, said distribution is another issue.Later that night, Marshall will use four bottles of water to boil spaghetti for dinner.Some meals require an entire case, she said."It's normal -- it's kind of sickening to say it's normal," Marshall said.

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