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Ivan Coyote’s stories are filled with resilience and tenderness — a decidedly nontoxic masculinity. It follows Cameron’s “coming of gayge” in the ’90s, in Miles City, Montana.

changed the game entirely by presenting a gay utopia.

by Ivan Coyote (2012)Ivan Coyote brings a rural perspective to queer storytelling that is sorely lacking in the genre.

Although the family and friends described may not be familiar with queer terminology or theory, they are loving and accepting.

We are seeing far more titles getting published than ever before, and a much broader array of stories being told. Trans YA continues to be in its infancy, and many other queer people have to scrounge to find even a handful of titles to represent them, including asexual, aromantic, intersex, two spirit, nonbinary, gender-fluid, and a myriad of other people whose identities fall outside of “LGBT.” That’s no reason to ignore the progress we’ve made, however!

The following 35 books, arranged by the year they were published, are by no means a definitive collection.

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