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The truth is, Vietnam currently falls more on the longer-term end of things, but is starting to shift towards the more short-term, hookup culture.Girls are dating out of there family friends and going online with Tinder and Vietnam Cupid.

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We’re more about the playboy lifestyle here at LAA, but a lot of guys do go to Asian countries to find long term relationships, even marriage.

By now you know how easy it is to get sex with Thai girls and Indonesian girls, but how about getting sex in Vietnam?

If you looked at the image above and said, The girls of Vietnam are not as easy as they come in Thailand, where it’s basically handed to you on a silver platter. You see, unlike most of the girls in Thailand and the Phils—Vietnamese women value relationships.

The images are fun to browse, but if you want to see all pictures of their Vietnamese providers visitors are asked for a deposit.

Maybe that is the purpose of the site since all models are cute like commercial fashion models? Each entry is accompanied with a description of her services, pricing and contact information.

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