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Most people’s greatest fear is public speaking, but I’d argue that talking to a beautiful woman can be just as nerve wracking.I once bombed in front of an audience of 300 rocket scientists (no joke). I accidentally spilt my drink on some Buzz Lightyear square as I walked onto the stage. As horrifying as it was to look like an idiot in front of a bunch of NASA bros, I still cringe more thinking about this one time in 6th grade that Mikaela rejected me at a school dance. No one remembers and over-analyzes failure as painfully as the Self.Audiences have a sixth sense for sniffing out bullshit on stage.(Note that ‘audience’ also refers to whomever it is you’re making a pass at).It’s important to learn the value of self forgiveness, and silencing the inner critic. Over time your voice will lose the quiver of nerves it gets when meeting a new person, and rejection will be something that rolls off the back. We laugh when we want another person to be happy, and we laugh to ease tension.Normally I begin a standup set acknowledging something obvious regarding the temperament of the room. True laughter has been around longer than written languages. There is a fine line though when it comes to making someone laugh versus offending a stranger. This wouldn’t be the opportune time to inform the party of the rising divorce rate epidemic. I’ve definitely whispered into a bridesmaid’s ear, “Hope this isn’t a costly wedding, I don’t think it’s gonna work out”. Date Like A Comic is about enjoying the process of poking fun at the dance of courtship.The best jokes will fail with a nervous, self doubting comedian.

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However, the sadness passes very quickly, as Doyle Mc Manus realises he is now the world's number one dater, and things go downhill from there as the datezone witnesses everything from oenophilia to a dumping pact.It is a muscle carefully crafted, and you can learn to work the same muscle in your day to day conversations.Steal, borrow, mimic and have fun learning in the process. My first few years of comedy I look back very favorably as I bombed in front of crowds of all sizes.Any quick joke that can get a laugh is a powerful way to set up the routine for success. You can’t tell a long story until all parties are invested and believe it will have a favorable payoff. It’s a line that must be walked, danced or stomped upon, in the standup world, and definitely in the dating community. It’s about having a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit at your disposal.A common line I open up with on stage is, “I know what you’re thinking, I look like every guy that’s been voted off The Bachelorette”. When you have the self awareness and confidence to accept the Self, wouldn’t women accept you as well? Most men fear they will be perceived as a ‘nice guy’. Keep in mind, the end result isn’t about the attention you’ll command.

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