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It is also said that Babatunde has from the young age of six revealed his talent as an entertainer as he performed, sang and danced on stage shows for his family.

By age 14, he could successfully play 10 brass instruments.

He is adept at American sign language and has used this talent in many roles including in NYPD Blues.

Nigeria has one of the world's biggest film industries and produces even more movies each year than the United States.Its amazing how immensely well-talented individuals spring up from a continent marked as under developed.Africa indeed boasts of many Africans who have given their best in the development of some sectors of other countries in other continents of the world.He began his acting career on stage in the original Broadway production of Dreamgirls.Obba Babatundé is known as one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, juggling careers in film, television and stage. See Also: 21 World Famous Celebrities You Never Knew Were Nigerians and steal the whole show.

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