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But it was nice to be someplace new and have my mind open up to a different way of thinking, driving, parking. MW: MILLEGAN: One of the great things about the Victory Fund that I’m learning is it’s not even about the politics, Republican or Democrat.They just want to increase the number of out officials so straight politicians can see that there are politicians who are gay.

And how many actors are passionate enough about basketball to blog for the NBA?

TVGuide.com: When did the rest of the cast know that it was going to be you? But then everybody on the message boards ran with that, saying, "Nobody's leaving the show! It's Zack's intelligence that got in the way, because Gormogon rationalized [his cause] with him.

" And I just thought, "Oh no, people are going to be mad at me when they find out." TVGuide.com: The actor who plays the master Gormogon, we haven't seen him on the show before, right? TVGuide.com: So was it strange playing Zack as a bad guy? TVGuide.com: Do you think by the end of the episode, Zack really understood how he'd been used by the Gormogon master? And actually, there was a moment that was cut out of the episode of Zack saying he's sorry right after he explains how to catch Gormogon. J.[Thyne], Michaela[Conlin] and Tamara [Taylor] have been just wonderful to work with, and we really bonded very closely.

Eric Millegan writes about the Portland Trail Blazers for Oregon and has a blog on

Over three seasons, Bones has uncovered some real deviants, but none of those cases has have shaken our cores as much as finding out one of the Jeffersonian Institute's finest, Zack Addy, has been kicking it on the wrong side of the law. And I was like, "Oh, My god." But I was kind of excited because I knew it was going to be an exciting send-off. Zack ends up carted away to a psychiatric facility, but there is the possibility that the others may come visit me. Millegan: Well, I'm not a series regular anymore, but it's possible that I'll be back from time to time. TVGuide.com: Was this all written for you because you wanted to leave the show, or are you simply following the fate of your character?

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