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But, according to the Daily Mail, there’s plenty of negative content as well. He shot off firearms at a television set and a telephone, threw a dish of ice cream he was devouring when she decided to talk about calories and being fat.He always apologized for his passive aggressive behavior that he exhibited when he didn’t get his way,” the Daily Mail reported when Alden’s book was first released.She has made a few appearances on various television shows — including , in September 2014. Alden’s book became a New York Time Bestseller and enjoys an average rating above 4 stars among Amazon customers.“Elvis Presley’s fiancée and last love tells her story and sets the record straight in this deeply personal memoir that reveals what really happened in the final years of the King of Rock n’ Roll. Above it all, Ginger rescues Elvis from the hearsay, rumors, and tabloid speculations of his final year by shedding a frank yet personal light on a very public legend,” the books synopsis reads, in part.“There were years when he had a different woman every night.Some nights he’d have four women in different rooms in the same hotel and he’d visit them all in turn.“But he felt sexually insecure, and was actually more addicted to affection than sex,” adds Nash.“He hated to be alone and just wanted to be held.“He was insecure about his sexual prowess and wanted virgins so they wouldn’t have anyone to compare him to as a lover. He wanted tomould them and mentor them and they adored him.

Aside from the National Enquirer’s claims, Alden has posted about her ex quite a few times on Facebook over the years.

“Statuesque beauty Ginger was the one who found Elvis dead on the floor of his bathroom in Graceland in August 1977 at the age of 42.

But nearly ever since, Ginger and Priscilla have been locked in a nasty catfight to lay claim to Elvis’ romantic legacy — and the claws are still out!

Sir Tom married his childhood sweetheart Linda in 1957 and remained wed until she passed away from cancer last year.

He was in 16 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 7.3 years each. Given Name: Elvis Aaron Presley Age: 42 (1/8/1935 - 8/16/1977)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: The King of Rock 'n' Roll "I'm always disappointed when I'm into a girl and she brushes off something that's really important to me.

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