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In some relationships, social media is being used to hurt dating partners online.The signs of digital abuse can include when a partner tags you in humiliating photos, reveals private or embarrassing information about you, or tracks where you go and what you do online.They may even blame you for their abusive behavior or deny it completely, a tactic called gaslighting.Cultural and spiritual abuse can be some of the most harmful forms of dating violence.Some people learn about relationships from their families, friends, from TV or at school, though not everyone has the tools they need to enjoy a healthy love life.No matter if you have had 20 dating partners or none, it’s always good to know the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one.

If you are being hurt by your partner, talk to a friend or relative you can trust about what’s happening in your relationship. Participate and win prizes by posting and tagging your photos this February!A healthy relationship requires communication, honesty, trust, and respect from each partner.Equality and balance go hand-in-hand in a healthy relationship, where each dating partner recognizes and supports the other’s choices, individuality and beliefs.This can look like when your partner pressures you to have sex or demands that you share sexually explicit photos or videos with them.Anytime a dating partner forces you into sexual activities without your consent, that is sexual assault, and it is never okay.

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