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The show plots in part how the Greek nude helped define our standards of beauty.

Since the eighteenth century and the birth of art history (largely through the work of Johann Winckelmann) the Greek nude has been held as the highest form of civilisation and beauty.

There must be original production or creation (growth) , a person or thing created (grown) for the first time before re-production.

PHOTOMORPHOSIS is the Ethereal process of developing a Brain, and by Creative Reason, Mental-Image the parts/formulas of a being-to-be into a united whole image of coordinated systems, and then indeed mentally contract and retract (shrink and fold) by Reason into an egg, cell, or seed form to be fertilized, if the formula does not already have built in fertilization.

The Sleeping Hermaphroditus has the body of a man with the sensual curves of a woman, or young boy for that matter.

Obviously in ancient Greece and later in the Renaissance the figure was primarily an angelic image of purity.

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