Updating urpmi database

To do that, assuming that your RPMs are under a directory /var/my-rpms, simply enter the command: subdirectories.Repository metadata is contained in the top-level media_info directory.

See the urpmq(8) manpage for the list of all options.

To remove them, use urpme --auto-orphans urpmi is usable only when you have defined some media.

Usually the OS installation procedure configures a predefined set of media, which correspond to the installation method you've selected: that might be installation CDs, or an HTTP or FTP server if you installed from a networked mirror, and so on. For that, you should use the urpmi.addmedia program.

Per-media metadata are contained in the first/media_info and second/media_info subdirectories.

Per-media metadata consists in an file if the RPMs are signed (so urpmi can check that the RPMs it downloads are signed with the key associated to this media.) Before using gendistrib, you must create a file media_info/to describe this media repository. It contains one section per media: for example, gives a human-readable descriptive name for the media. It should be passed the /ROOT/ directory as parameter.

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