Updating projects and events from previous versions of imovie

The most recent upgrade to i Movie that i got with my new i Mac (purchased July 06) significantly improved on the few faults that my previous version had. Download beta = It could be a Beta, RC(Release Candidate) or an Alpha / Nightly / Unstable version of the software.

I can now easily work on several i Movie projects at once, there are new effects (which i don't use many of, as i like the videos to have a simpler look), and some very nice new stuff in i DVD. Download = The software is bundled with advertising.

Both i Movie 9 and i Movie 11 use the RCProject format.

updating projects and events from previous versions of imovie-90

The only possible down side is the file size of the i Movie project files.It uses a scheme more like Final Cut Pro, so everything is in an Event folder, including any projects relating to that event.Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.Put the RCProject file in the Movies/i Movie Projects/ folder.Put the Event in the Movies/i Movie Events/ folder.

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