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Duarte Barbosa, a noted traveler, described Thane by the name Tana Mayambu 25 years before the Portuguese conquest.He paints a vivid picture of the town as one of Moorish mosques and temples, with many pleasant gardens. The Marathas, who conquered Bassein and Thane in 17, held sway over the region till 1784, when the British captured the Fort and ruled Thane, then also called Tana.The toll at both the naakas is 35 rupees one way for a car which is somewhat unfair because there is a huge difference in the condition of the two roads.

One of them, dug up from the foundations of Thane Fort in 1787, dated 1078 AD, is apparently a land grant from Arikesara Devaraja, sovereign of the city of Tagara, wherein he address the inhabitants of a city called Sri Sthanaka.This method is recommended only if you are adventurous at heart and are not carrying any luggage.Nowadays the Ghatkopar-Versova Metro is better to reach at the airport in shortest time.Other option if you are coming from the airport is, take an auto-rickshaw to Andheri station which is served by the Western Railway and buy a ticket to Thane.You need to take a southbound train towards Churchgate, get off at Dadar (which is the interchange point) if possible avoid peak hour journey if you are new in Mumbai specially between 8 and 11AM or between 6 and 8PM, get on the Central Railway Line and then take a northbound train to Thane.

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