Speedstream 5200 e242 firmware updating Matures wanting spanking chat

If you experience difficulty connecting to the Internet with your Siemens 4100 DSL modem, you may need to upgrade the firmware.

Recent firmware updates also fix a problem with accessing AOL for Broadband 9.0.

If the passthru eventually happens, will I still be able to access the 5200 with the 254.254 address in my browser ?

--from the ip passthru screen I elect to use the device (my wifi router).

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Your Speed Stream 5100 DSL modem comes with the ability to update its firmware.

The DMZ only makes the modem invisible for traffic coming from the internet and will be directly sent to the router's WAN port.

Before traffic can go to the NAS' FTP server, it has to pass the firewall of your router.

I did though learn a bit about network connections and I am grateful for your help here.

Thanks, Les Carlson Putting the router in the modem's DMZ is only part of the deal.

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