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We pre-screen to make sure new members share our values.Given that our events are safe, the best way to discover if you’ll fit in is to come to a general event.We are firmly in the middle between quiet and gentle, and crazy and wild.

No pressure in any way and sexually aggressive people ARE NOT WELCOME. Our activities range from PG to slightly out of your comfort zone. Therefore zero tolerance for rude, mean spirited, disrespectful behaviour or making others feel uncomfortable either in person or by email will not be tolerated and removed without notice.While we’re not a dating group, a surprising number of love matches have met at our events.Nor are we a swinger’s group, though some of us are non-monogamous.We went on a number of field trips from burlesque shows to a visit to Eastern Canada’s most famous dominatrix. The Ducklings at it's core is a happy group of funny and sexy friends that hang out gently.By going places and learning things together, and by sharing the experiences the events became fun(a sense of humour is a must! We stared to gather (and quacked a bit) and we were described as “ducklings”. Community is one of the measurables of great health. Think of us as loving hedonists, but in the nicest possible way.

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