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About the time the new indoor bowls hall opened at the Club’s evolving Priory Lane headquarters in the early 1990s, it was decided that the crest required updating, and was passed to a local graphic design artist.The result was a more stylised version of the original, with a representation of a cloud passing across the front of the Tower.The positive impact and significance of farming, starting during the period known as the Neolithic, is often contrasted harshly with preceding hunter gatherer cultures.These societies, associated with a period entitled the Mesolithic in Britain (c.Wheat has been found in a settlement on England’s south coast dating back to 6000BC – 2000 years before farming reached Britain.This finding overturns many cherished archaeological beliefs – or myths – about the era.Far from being simple or isolated, the Mesolithic peoples of southern Britain were probably engaged in trading or gifting exotic foodstuffs across much of continental Europe – it seems absolutely unreasonable to imply that hunter gatherer groups were passive recipients in such an exchange.

Agriculture creates the conditions for permanent settlement, urbanisation and complex societies.

Yet, the use of grain and specifically wheat, remained essentially absent and a key indicator of farming in regions far from south west Asia, where grain was domesticated 12000 years ago.

Consequently, a debate continues as to whether farming was introduced following colonisation by groups already practising agriculture or the new technology was adopted by indigenous hunter gatherer populations. Farming is thought to have been introduced to Britain in around 4000BC, perhaps held back by the island’s new isolation following sea level rises at the end of the ice age.

It should also be said that the image has always owed more in appearance to the well-known Wish Tower on Eastbourne seafront, than the Tower at Langney Point.

In May 2001, the Club changed it’s name to Eastbourne Borough Football Club, in a bid to attract more commercial interest, following elevation from the Sussex County to the (Dr Martens) Southern League the previous year.

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