Sherry ortner updating practice theory

I do write "it seems" because I was unclear exactly how where the actor begins. Don't people only set their goals within their schemas?And if this is true, isn't it more difficult to explain "outside of the box" actions, such as moving to Darjeeling for work?This combination of synchronicand diachronic marks the paradigm of "practice theory" that this book is part of.Ortner looks at Sherpa oral history as an elaborating symbol that provides a cultural schema for Sherpas.In Anthropology and Social Theory the award-winning anthropologist Sherry B.Ortner draws on her longstanding interest in theories of cultural practice to rethink key concepts of culture, agency, and subjectivity for the social sciences of the twenty-first century.I am puzzled why this book has so many negative reviews.I am going to venture to say that some people here just didn't "get it."This book is Ortner's attempt to combine long durée history with her earlier ideas on key symbols.

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In addition, it will be essential reading for those interested in Nepal, Tibet, the Sherpa, or Buddhism in general.At times, Ortner's actor seems too much of the economic rational actor.What about how these exogenous influences change Sherpas' goals through re-mediation?As history progresses from the 16th to the 20th century I am puzzled why this book has so many negative reviews.As history progresses from the 16th to the 20th century, Sherpas interpret economic and political changes (and the social shifts they engender) through these cultural tales.

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