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For example, United States Patents 3,558,820 and 4,765,764 show stenographic keyboards which are used in conjunction with word processing systems to produce a readable transcript of spoken words created during a specific time period.

A method of forming a word in conjunction with a character actuator unit that quickly and accurately transcribes words in a single stroke with correct spelling would be a notable advance in the field of word processing.In the method of the present invention a word is formed using the basic thinking of words in two parts: beginnings and endings.Further, based on all endings, new categories arise: some ending in vowels and some ending in consonants.The transcription of words in a quick and accurate manner is a desired objective and is necessarily increasingly important as societies become more and more complex.The common typewriter or keyboard allows a person to write a word through a series of consecutive strokes, one representing each letter of the word.

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