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"Sexual violence is really closely tied to consensual sex." Another example: a woman and her passed-out friend are hanging out together after a night of heavy drinking.Worried that one of the guys will take advantage of her friend, the conscious woman starts fooling around with both men in an attempt to distract them, until one starts having sex with her and the other moves over to make out with her friend.Now in its second year, the CCE program is intensive and competition to get in is tough.The students need to be capable because initiating a culture shift is far from easy.BOSTON -- Here's one variation on a common scenario: A student wakes up in the middle of the night to find that her roommate has crawled into her bed and is groping her.Afraid that if she resists, he might act out and even rape her, she has sex with him. The fact that the woman didn't want to have sex, but still describes it as consensual."We have been arguing that there are clear answers to this, but experientially, many of our students are not seeing these clear answers." So there's just one thing to do, Boyd says: change the contextual norms so the focus is less on stopping rape and training to recognize and ask for consent (though, of course, consent is still an issue), and more on enhancing positive experiences and training for enthusiasm.The tenets of the new normal: self-awareness and "agency," whereby students make active choices about their sexual desires.

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The CCE runs mandatory workshops for freshmen and sophomores (on the "myth of miscommunication" for the former and on bystander intervention for the latter), and offers other opt-in workshops on topics such as healthy relationships.

"They don't see it as prevention work." Sometimes interventions are informal (redirecting troubling conversations, or agreeing to stop discussing hook-ups at brunch because the constant chatter skews reality and intensifies sexual pressures).

Others take place behind-the-scenes (talking to campus publications brought an end to "slut-shaming" on a gossip website, and the groups works with campus groups and administrators to plan events).

In the woman's mind, despite her not being a willing participant in the sex, she didn't say no, so it was consensual.

To address this misconception, some college health campaigns encourage students to ask for affirmative, verbal consent before having sex.

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