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Printed RSVP Sets: Your RSVP envelope from Love On Paper can hold multiple cards for Duet and Storybook formats.

Our petite enclosures fit perfectly inside the matching RSVP sets for both Storybook and Duet Invitations.

Talking/emailing with to 50 guests in addition to all the other wedding-planning tasks you have will be hectic and time consuming!

We recommend you give your guests an option to be tech-savvy or retro!

If you're tired of dealing with parking downtown, this location is great!Have them physically mail back the wedding RSVP cards from their invitations.Or, let them use a code they can plug into your wedding website to RSVP online.However, we’ve found that online RSVP systems can sometimes create more work for you!There are apps you can install on your wedding website for your guest's last name int he RSVP.

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