Pre recorded webcam shows

No longer is that a problem—it’s now possible for one person to easily control multiple cameras and even edit on the fly from an i OS device.

Audio sync was another problem—after importing all your footage from each device to your video editing app, you would have to sync each video source to the audio recording, which involved a lot of nudging, dealing with frame and sample rates and, generally, it was a task that would test anyones patience.I'm not sure if it will allow it, but maybe take a look at the Many Cam software?Perhaps it can combine two webcams into the feed that Camtasia would then recognize as a single feed. Rick :)I would put the two webcam video files in separate tracks in Camtasia.All devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network*—if you’re shooting at a venue, make sure you talk to the venue beforehand and that their network is up to the task, get their network login details and set up each device to connect to the network as one of your pre-show tasks.Tip: If the venue doesn’t have Wi-Fi or it’s inadequate for your needs, one thing I do that works well is bring my own Airport Extreme to create a network.

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