Place for dating in delhi

EXPLORE OLD DELHIIt might be easy to diss Chandni Chowk, thinking that it’s mostly crowded and dirty streets with a lot of traffic issues.But it’s also a world by itself, and the food is fantastic, and not the least because it is so cheap.Approximate cost of a date: Rs 400 or less for street food; Rs 1,500 for a meal at Haveli Dharampura, but the place is also open to visitors who don’t come for a meal.***THE MONUMENT TRAILThere is something so very romantic about Delhi monuments, and while ‘basic’ couples would choose to visit one and spend a day there, we suggest you plan a trail for your beloved.Haveli Dharampura is a great option for those who still like it fancy, but the street offerings are still unparalleled.You could also sign up for a food or heritage walk if you aren’t familiar with the area.It is also a favourite place frequented by students and couples, so be prepared for a lot of love in the air!Time travel with your partner in the well-manicured greens of the Lodhi Gardens.

Delhi is surprisingly full of spots where you can head to for a dash of romance.In a congested city like Delhi, the very idea of so much greenery sets hearts racing, so if you are looking at upping your romance quotient, you are at the right place!Landscaped with gardens with different themes, water bodies with lilies, quiet paths for your walking pleasure, and a food court to satiate those hunger pangs, it’s the place for a perfect date.Milan, Madrid, Paris and London aren’t even close when it comes to making young lovers happy on a very small budget.Delhi may be a city with some of the most expensive retail spaces in the world, and some of the most luxurious hospitality and entertainment spaces, too, but this great city also has alternatives for couples who have relatively less spending power. Here are five kinda spots (read ideas) that can make for a pretty interesting (and unusual) date without burning a hole in your pocket.

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