Over 60s cams

An aftermarket dual-plane manifold with a carburetor in the 600 to 750 CFM range will provide enough airflow for a carefully selected head and cam combination, and should also maintain good street drivability.

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Higher performance versions of factory engines in models such as the Corvette and Camaro typically have the highest-rated engines, and can be good "models" for the foundation of a high performance engine.

Contact a reputable engine machinist for information on required machine services to ensure the block and internal components are suitable for the increased output.

Select an effective intake manifold and carburetor.

Again, choose one that is suitable for the intended engine usage.

Be aware that exceeding .460 lift on the stock Vortec head will require some machining to the valve guide bosses to maintain valve retainer-to-guide boss clearance, but this is a relatively simple and inexpensive machining process.

It is important to refrain from selecting a cam that is too "large"---select one that has a measured effective valve opening duration in the area of 220 to 235 degrees (AT .050 tappet lift) and approximately .480- to .500-inch gross valve lift.

While a completely stock lower end (short block) can be sufficient, the factory components may not be strong enough for sustained performance at higher power levels.

Determine that the short block has proper clearances.

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