One month of dating anniversary

If he collects something, give him a gift that will add to a special collection, such as a new comic book or set of limited-edition stamps.

Give a solo gift to prevent from going overboard since it's still an early stage in your relationship.

And, oh, by the way, don't celebrate the first or second month of your dating.

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Celebrating a two year dating anniversary should be a trip alone together.Or, place museum tickets inside a card and look forward to strolling hand-in-hand to look at new exhibits.Perhaps, think of a time-consuming activity that you can gift and spend an afternoon together to complete it, such as a 500-piece puzzle or a scavenger-hunt board game.This will signify that you want to spend more time with a person, Burton explains.Place a pair of movie passes in a card for a night out and let him be in charge of picking the film.

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