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As David works on Barbara and Julie, and as they pressure Ann to consider marrying David, Ann is faced with a serious decision..... Barbara and Julie want to sneak out to a party on a school night, while Ann is away on a business trip to Las Vegas.But the girls are fearful that their mother might find out that they're heading to the party, so they try to reach Ann via a phone call, only to learn that she didn't reach her hotel.A total of 209 episodes were produced spanning nine seasons.

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Ann comes down with a bad case of jealousy when Julie and Barbara begin spending time with their father's steady girlfriend, Candy.Guest star: William Kirby Cullen Ann is furious when she receives a ,000 phone bill.She soon begins a letter writing campaign to anyone and everyone, including the President of the United States.The following is a list of episodes for the American television sitcom, One Day at a Time.The series premiered on December 16, 1975 on CBS, and ended on May 28, 1984.

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