Non sedating decongestants

Most cough and cold medicines can be purchased from medicine stores (e.g.

most expectorant- and mucolytic- containing cough syrups or lozenges for throat soothing) and some can be purchased from registered pharmacies under the supervision of a registered pharmacist (e.g.

These agents also commonly have action at α-adrenergic receptors and/or 5-HT receptors.

blood-stained phlegm, breathing difficulties, high fever (note that this is common in young children).

Since the common cold is a viral infection, antibiotics will not work.

However, some second-generation antihistamines, notably cetirizine, can interact with CNS psychoactive drugs such as bupropion and benzodiazepines.-antihistamines are second-generation antihistamines informally labeled third-generation because the active enantiomer (levocetirizine) or metabolite (desloratadine and fexofenadine) derivatives of second-generation drugs are intended to have increased efficacy with fewer adverse drug reactions.

Fexofenadine is associated with a lower risk of cardiac arrhythmia compared to terfenadine.

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