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“Something as superficial and as cold as that.” Greer claims Nicole couldn’t attend her wedding because OJ had beaten her so badly she could not leave the house that day.

The episode features images of their 1985 wedding at their Rockingham home in Brentwood.

One entry simply reads: “' He hit me while we f***ed”.

Pals of Nicole tell stories of violent abuse including one instance when OJ allegedly beat her up for sitting their son next to a gay man in a restaurant. “The next day I got a call that he freaked out on New Year's Eve and that he beat the hell out of her.” John Edwards of the Los Angeles Police Department was the officer who arrived that night described the scene.

“She's wearing nothing but a bra and sweatpants covered in mud and she kept yelling ‘he's going to kill me, he's going to kill me’.

“When that gate opened she just ran up and put her arms around me and clasped on me. “She said you guys have been up here eight times before, all you do is talk to him, you never do anything.

“Suddenly, I saw a Bentley pull out the other driveway.Her friend Thomas Mc Collum III said: “He freaked out when Nicole was sitting there with their little son next to a homosexual in a restaurant they were at. Nicole rang 911 but the operator only heard screams in the background.He said: “When you have a call come out and the 911 operator puts out on the call that she can hear the woman being beaten in the background, that's serious.The documentary never-before-seen photos of the horrific abuse Nicole suffered, her terrified calls to 911 and entries from her diary.In it she wrote of her daily beatings – including while they made love.

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