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The next day she told her BFF and the BFF told the cops.

I went to prison for 5 years and now she says she hates me and never wanted to do it at all.

I licked her until she came again then I put my cock between her legs, and humped her, not actually penetrating her, just sliding between her legs against her bald pussy.

I was still half asleep, but began to really pound it to her.

Whenever she was horny, she would come sneak into my bad and ask me to lick her.

We did the same routine every Saturday morning for the next three years. She stopped wanting to do it, but one night I talked her into letting me lick her 13 yr old pussy for an hour.

Now I am banned from her life and I am not even allowed to have a picture of her. I still love her like my child, but I must confess, I miss her as a lover even more.

Soon after that first night she was at his place and he and his roommates (also black) and some friends (black) were over.

I reached down and grabbed her little butt, one hand on each cheek and began to rub her ass while I pushed my hard on against her.

I heard her panting and begin to moan and I felt her body tense as she had a nice orgasm.

She said that she got very nervous and scared but the situation also turned her on.

Her boyfriend told her to relax and they all eventually had her in different ways.

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