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He was still harboring guilt about his divorce from Marsha Garces, his second wife and mother of two of his children, and adjusting to life with his new wife, Susan Schneider, whom he married in 2011.Meanwhile, Williams was also reeling from a cataclysmic diagnosis: in May 2014, he had been told that he had Parkinson’s disease, news that stunned and overwhelmed the once-nimble comedian.Everything came to an end at some point; it was a reality he accepted and confronted so often in his work, even as he tried to out-race it.What would it look like for him, he wondered, when he wrapped things up and told the crowd good night for the last time? The work was less abundant than it used to be and nowhere near as lucrative, and so much of it seemed to be focused on finality, particularly in the form of death.He had stomach cramps, indigestion, and constipation.He had trouble seeing; he had trouble urinating; he had trouble sleeping.When he described the creation of this sequence to David Letterman, the host had asked him if he needed a gamma-globulin shot, and Robin answered, “I didn’t get a shot, and I hope it doesn’t end up, 20 years from now, I’m not like Katharine Hepburn, going, ‘E-very-thing’s fi-ine.’”So why did Robin persist in making these films, each one a far cry from the Hollywood features he had once thrived on, and which were lucky to receive even a theatrical release? I just can’t afford it anymore.” He hadn’t lost all his money, but, he said, “Lost enough.Why did he continue to fill every free block of time in his schedule with work, whatever work he could find? Divorce is expensive.”Robin continued to bounce from one low-budget film to the next.

“He hugged me goodbye, and Janice, and he started crying,” Crystal said.“I said, ‘What’s the matter? “Everything’s fine, I just love you so much, ’bye,” went one call.Unlike his ex-wife Marsha, who saw it as her responsibility to decorate and maintain their house, to organize dinner parties and surround him with intellectual friends who kept him stimulated, Susan had been accustomed to living an independent life of her own.She traveled widely by herself and with her sons, and she did not manage Robin’s day-to-day affairs and did not always accompany him when he worked out of town.In retrospect, I feel like I should have been there, spending time with him.Because someone who needs support was not getting the support he needed.”Starting in October 2013, Robin began to experience a series of physical ailments, varying in their severity and seemingly unconnected to one another.

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