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is Lava Life any good, is Lava Life for real, is Lava Life legit, Lava Life comparison, Lava Life ratings, Lava Life review, Lava Life scam, online dating sites, scam dating sites, sites like Lava Life, worst dating sites During our Lava Life review it seems like a good prospect at first. That means we read through hundreds of profiles just to make sure they’d remotely Match the profile we used to send messages. Our Lava Life review proved that it couldn’t be worse on matching if they tried. When users sign up, they enter personal information, like on any other site.It’s been around since 1983 in the form of personals and online for more than a decade. Hundreds of those didn’t fit at all and weren’t women we’d ever be interested in. Thirty-three turned out to be fake, based on their replies. All that does, though, is go into a database for Lava Life scam artists. You have to input characteristics you want in a prospective partner. We weeded through a lot just to find five hundred women we could contact; even then, close to half of the women who replied to us were actually fake accounts.I contacted Lavalife by phone to seek to regain access, and instead of looking up my account, and seeing what I paid and apologetically and preemptively crediting me, the representative “generously” granted me 2 days of access (on an account which had 15 more paid left days on it) to access the unopened messages. Either they’re grossly incompetent, or they’re intentional rip-off artists.The representative pretended to not know if I had paid for more months.

Besides the fact that the app is super-glitchy, I subscribed and paid for 3 months; I was only able to access messages, and send messages for 1 month.

It is easy to see how other members look and find out their age and location.

Despite these great features, the website was a little difficult to navigate at times.

All in all, their platform is based around the idea that love should be fun, passionate, and between like-minded people. Great, if they could really live up to that high and mighty talk. To do this, we created our own profile to most accurately test how fun, playful, and active other members really were.

We contacted them, flirted with them, and now can’t wait to share with you the results.

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