Intp dating another intp ghanaian females dating

I think he does the intp dating another intp thing with me.

If youre similar enough and highly compatible, it allows for a lot of trust, and dating rules show lot of honesty.

They key intp dating another intp, it needs to catch their interest.

Half of them stem from the fact that I know shes INTP, and therefore I can easily understand her perspectives and motivations. I would almost suggest that with any job you ever take on, being this personality type, try to be interested in it, and from day one, keep planning and learning what youre doing during the daytime while youre at home.

I should give her the benefit of the doubt, and I did. In fact, again based on the overwhelming number of sited dedicated to differentiating these two types (versus any two other types), it would not be much of an exaggeration to say they seem to be the two of the most easily confused in the system.

In response to, The INTP/Js, comments on the spectrum between (in his comment) perceiving and judging I wanted open up the scope of what Jugian typology is.

Intuition (N): INTPs tend to look at the big picture rather than focus on minute details. INTP knows that, even if there is an absolute truth, she will likely never know it.

Im more of a techie while shes more of a naturalist.

Although INTPs put more emphasis on logic and objective information as their approach to making decisions, INFJs take a different approach.

I thought, based on tests, that I was an INTJ (even if it never felt 100% right).

The idea of the preferences is to sort you into a type, not to assign percentages.

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