Intimidating girl names

She doesn't remember anything and she's nice to everyone. She is an attention seeker and can be vain and argumentative. Her colour is dark red and Crimson ..I have someone at my school that was my "friend" and she's been bullying me for the past two years and she's still doing it. I kind of like the name but it is a mean girl name Layla My "friend" named Layla is a total bish.

and look at the I Am Number Four Books- Sarah is really nice Nope. so DO NOT say such things about Sarah, it is a fabulous name.One of my best friends name is Kelly, and she's really sweet and considerate.. Kelly - Unicorn123 Sally Sally just sounds too sweet to be on this list, I don't picture a "Sally" as a jerk or mean girl. I think it's a great name a mean girl called Sally just doesn't work...For some reason to me Sally just doesn't fit in the mean group of names, I think it sounds more like a sweet lovable person. Lol my name is sally and I'm such a goody-two-shoes lol Brooke Brooke is such an ugly name My moms name is brooke. I have 20 freinds named brooke and there sweet When I was in middle school, there was this girl named Brooke.Honey what you waiting for welcome to my candy store Heather is mean and heather from total drama is a mean girl My moms name is Heather she is super kind and really cares about you Sabrina A girl named Sabrina goes to my church and she is the MOST annoying and rude person I know. Sounds like the evil doll is bullying others but putting a curse on them!So I agree I have a best friend named Sabrina and she's really nice, so I disagree! But then when I found out she was snobby and sassy, I stopped being friends with her. I'm glad she moved to a new school." No, I don't think it's a mean girl name. Annabelle is so sweet you guys are idiots this boy who likes me calls me annabelle Seriously people?

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