Intercultural dating tips

It involved flying across the ocean during Christmas.We aren’t that religious so we don’t notice our cultural differences during the other holidays.However, since Lisa grew up in Germany, all her movies were dubbed over in German…meaning that if a movie has Morgan Freeman in it she had NO IDEA how iconic his real voice was.It’s little things like that which trip you up if you aren’t thinking about the little details.When it comes to traditions, there aren’t too many differences.

For example, everyone would probably agree that Morgan Freeman has a great and unique voice.

It’s not like Bruce ate bacon and eggs each morning for breakfast, but he certainly ate differently to start off the day than Lisa.

Now, Bruce is quite used to a more traditional European breakfast of bread, meat, and cheese.

Tied in with traditions a bit, another cultural difference we’ve run into surrounds the idea of food – not only what we eat, but when we eat, and how it’s prepared.

Lisa grew up in Bavaria so she is used to quintessentially Bavarian food like potato dumplings, Sunday roast dinners, potato salad, and her love of German bread – considered “real bread”.

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