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But you need to read the article that Ken wrote to correctly understand this and also to find out what extra files you need for the BDE Installation.The primary is the bdeinstl.dll, which is found inside the, which in turn can be downloaded here if you dont have a copy.It also creates it in the correct format for Inno Setup, as well as give you the opportunity to run Inno Setup from within Script Maker to create your I cannot go into all the details of how to create a Installation Setup program for you Visual d BASE program, because that is beyond the scope of this article.What you can do though is go through the Script Maker tutorial and help files as well as go through the help file of Inno Setup after reading Kens document, to get a good grasp on how this works.It definitely is an alternative to IS and it works like a charm.It is a graphical tool, that when correctly used will create a script file that Inno Setup can use to create your setup program. If you understand the Inno Setup scripting, commands and parameters then this little program is just what the doctor ordered.

Alternatively you can load or reopen the example in the sample32 folder of the Inno Setup directory.Many might think that because this is free that the quality is not up to standard. The program doesnt offer the drag and drop functionality that you might be used to from other install programs.But having tested this program I am very satisfied that it meets with the highest standard. Although this might seem like a draw back and might give the impression that the program is not that powerful.The explanation of the whole Inno Setup program is beyond this article, and I dont want to duplicate what others have done.This article is just an awareness of a different approach.

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