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I'm half middle eastern but was born in the US, so I'm completely American.

My dad never even taught me his culture, so I don't know anything about it. Let me tell you, fitness is pretty much universally attractive.

Sometimes, a few women and men friends of mine post these on Facebook with either an eye-roll, a pointed ‘no comment’ or as comment bait, but more often than not, they often go ignored by most of the folks I know personally. Living abroad, dating West Indian men can be like comfort food.

It’s almost like once you’ve been living with it all your life, like sunshine and warm oceans, it’s not that special — The Caribbean Man — and certainly not warranting all that list attention. I like hearing my own accent and dialect tumbling in my ear.

Indian/ South Asians people are the most endogamic race in the whole wide world and they always keep to themselves as a result they tend be the most socially inept people as they don't interact outside their circles that much and eventually gets trapped into their circles which limits their social intelligence furthermore.Any time I see a South Asian guy complaining on Reddit I can envision how they probably look irl. The first time I saw an Indian guy who had mainstream appeal in the West was Jay Sean. Turns out he is Indian, born and raised in England..They don't deserve to be happy if they can't put in the effort You couldn't be more wrong. A good friend of mine is exactly the person you're describing as an ideal Indian man (at least, in terms of looks, but he is pretty smart too.) Angular jawline, good-looking face, and good sense of style.When we're lifting together, I always joke that he should just give up on powerlifting and become a bodybuilder instead, since he already has the wasp-like taper old-school bodybuilders coveted lmao Yeah, this is why I have NO sympathy for indian guys blaming their race for their lack of dates. Actually, even then, as much as I wanted to blame my race for my inceldom, I just couldn’t.

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    The Dating Pool: On average, I go on five dates for every 10 matches.