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For offences involving dangerous drugs or prohibited plants in the NT the police generally have to prove that you knew or should have known that the drugs or plants were dangerous drugs or prohibited plants.They don’t need to prove you knew which particular drug or plant you had in your possession.There will be circumstances where, if you don't admit to owning the drugs or knowing about them, possession will be difficult to prove to the court as required by the law.Do not admit to possessing drugs without speaking to a lawyer!However it is not impossible for police to prove that possession was jointly held.Possession can be shared between people if there was agreement between them, (for example, say you and your flatmates have a stash that you all have access to).

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This means that the maximum penalty is reduced to ,005 (85 p.u.) or imprisonment for 2 years.[1] It is an offence to possess a ‘dangerous drug' unless a doctor or other medical practitioner has lawfully prescribed that drug to you.

The NT uses a mixed weight system of calculating threshold quantities for trafficking.

NT police and prosecutors take the total weight of the seized drug sample (e.g., pills, tablets, caps, points, joints, mixtures, or preparations) to be the total quantity of the dangerous drug when charging you.

This means that if you sell cocaine cut up with washing powder you can still be charged.

Rules for determining total quantities of different drugs or mixtures of drugs for the purpose of determining which offence you will be charged with, which Court your case will be heard in, and what penalty you face on conviction, are very complicated.

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