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Resting just above her vagina, where on most women would be a vee of pubic hair, was a fully operational penis!!!

Unfortunately for Cassie she was one of the tiny minority that was born with both a set of male and female sex organs!

Most women would kill to possess the feminine attributes Cassie took for granted, large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair, and of course a large lipped succulent vagina!

After twenty three years, however, Cassie still sometimes broke down crying when she gazed into the mirror, because there was something extra that she wished to death she didn’t have, but still dominated her life.

After several more minutes of emotionalism, Jackie finally got Cassie to calm down and tell her the whole story.

Jackie listened intently as Cassie poured out her heart, telling her of the years of shame and fear that someone would find out her secret.

Even though Jackie was unsure of exactly what she was seeing, she still had strong feelings for her friend, and rushed over to give her a hug.

“Wow,” opined a fascinated Jackie, “both sets look completely natural!!!” Cassie nodded in the affirmative and Jackie dove right in with, “When you get turned on, I mean excited, you know what I mean, do you get hard and wet all at the same time???” “Yeah,” Cassie replied, “it’s unreal, but I can feel both my cock and my pussy desiring to be satisfied!!!” “My pussy just creams all over the place, while my cock gets hard as a rock!!!” “Can you ejaculate,” questioned Jackie, “I mean can you shoot cum?!?

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