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However, it’s your choice to do so for comfort or aesthetic reasons. The most likely causes of this in women are: If you’re a woman and you have unwanted back hair, talk to your doctor about these conditions.

In men, genetics is the most common cause of a hairy back. Both men and women may also experience hypertrichosis, a disorder that causes excessive hair growth all over the body, including the back. If you have a hairy back, you don’t need to remove the hair.

Thousands of women, we're told, are signing up for the Hairy Legs Club – an online movement that encourages like-minded ladies to ditch the razor and flaunt their naturally hirsute limbs. Deep down, we can be as modern and liberal as the next person.

We understand the importance of freedom of expression, of breaking gender cliches, of not conforming to social pressures, and of being comfortable in your own skin.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the opinion that matters most of all is your own.

Having hair on your back may increase body heat and be uncomfortable during hot weather.

One post tells the story of an Australian teacher who forced a pupil with learning difficulties to shave her armpits in front of the class.

It's an appalling tale – and clearly it’s the culture of judgment and bullying that should be getting the chop here, not the poor girl’s armpit hair.

Even if women told me on a daily basis that I looked more attractive without the hair, I think I’d struggle to keep it up. Compared with shaving, there’s not a risk of cutting yourself.On the other hand, some of the chemicals within depilatory creams or lotions can have harsh effects on sensitive skin.Shaved hair may also feel or look like it’s growing darker and coarser with each shave.Also called depilatory creams, these work the same as similar products for leg and other body hair. Apply the cream to your back and leave on for five minutes. You’ll have to reapply hair removal creams about once every few days.

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