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In 2015, Ha was cast by Ha Jung-woo to play his character's wife in his self-directed movie, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, a film adaption of the bestselling 1995 Chinese novel of the same title written by Yu Hua.On June 13, 2014, Ha released a digital single, Now In This Place, for the fans who had been supportive of her drama Empress Ki.She said, “We mostly communicate in English, but sometimes we also use Korean. Because he liked Korean food, he said, ‘I like sesame oil’.Chen Bo-lin is very enthusiastic about learning languages. He is also always looking for a good place to eat.” Korean artist, Ha Ji-won and the Taiwanese actor, Chen Bo-lin, have denied rumors that they are dating, but how did those rumors even begin? Ha Ji-won’s agency said the same thing, although both actors use the same agency in Korea.Before my debut, I auditioned for 100 or so projects but didn't get the roles." Jeon candidly revealed that she adopted "Ha Ji-won" as her stage name as a favor for her previous manager as it was the name of his first love."When I was about to debut, the first love of my manager's name was Ha Ji-won.She declined all the calls sent by other agencies with giant contracts and decided to establish her own one-person agency Haewadal Entertainment (lit. Although organ donation was not common in South Korea at that time in January 2005, Ha Ji-won made the pledge to donate her cornea through the Organ Donation Center of Love.

In 2012, Ha donated the proceeds from her first book, At This Moment, to charity.

There are several things that made the rumors spread. Both of them uploaded several similar photos on a social media account at the same time. Chen Bo-lin signed a contract with Ha Ji-won’s management company, BM Entertainment. He won the Best Leading Actor Award for his role in the drama. Some news media reported that the agency acknowledged that the two didn’t even know each other, but there was still a possibility that they would appear in the Korean-Chinese film that was the same as They were even photographed together when talking about the film when it was first known to the public, and the picture appeared in the Chinese news portal, Baidu.

The pictures show each of them winking with a cat, a photo of Gustav Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss”, and some star-filled skies at night. The film is also about old friends who become lovers.

The lyrics of the song was written by the scriptwriter of Empress Ki, Jung Kyung Soon; and composed and produced by popular music producer Jae Chong (also known as Jung Jae-yoon).

In 2013, Ha was reported to be leaving Wellmade STARM, her agency for 10 years.

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