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Eventually we reached Rombuk – just below Base Camp.

We had a look at the highest monastery in the world but didn’t actually go in.

The driver hit the brakes extremely hard which left us a few inches from the edge of the cliff with a stomach-wrenching drop below – we could have very easily found ourselves at the bottom of a deep valley.

We trundled on through multiple check points where we had to vacate the bus so that our passports, visas and permits could be checked by the Power That Be.

This may sound pathetic, but with the altitude it was very hard, with many of us suffering from Altitude Sickness again, and the temperature didn’t help, added to the fact that I was wearing 4 tops, 3 jumpers, a coat, a neck warmer, a hat, gloves, two pairs of trousers and really thick socks.Unfortunately, a few of us needed to use the Natural Loo – a little bit chilly!As soon as I saw Everest I was completely dumbfounded – it was surrounded by some almost equally high peaks which were all absolutely magnificent with the beautiful back drop of a completely blue sky.They were very soon asking us to join the nunnery (at this point there were about 4 girls, the rest of the group hadn’t arrived at the top) which we were very tempted to do, however, sadly it would be a little difficult to obtain a Chinese visa for at least a year!It was a wonderful experience though, despite the language barrier, we were able to communicate exactly what we meant.

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