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And if you wanna work out people in your select location, you actually have to make sure that you have location set Service is turned on in Facebook, and so then you're actually looking for people in your current location.At the moment, you're not able to set a location somewhere else, say if you're travelling.And that's how you strike up a conversation on Facebook Dating.

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And all that the dating profile pulls over initially is your name and your age.

Everything else you can import manually, including Your Facebook profile pictures, and in the future they're also be integration with Instragram photos as well.

So it's actually based on where your physical location is at the moment and the proximity within a certain mile range, which you can change here. And they'll also do the Secret Crushes Feature that is coming soon.

Secret Crush lets you create a private list of friends that you might be interested in. If you wanna find out more about Facebook dating, you can check out all of our coverage on CNet.

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