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Muse B is a sweet young girl, barely 19 years old, with no prior dance experience.

Aside from our RP areas, we have other sections to help you develop as a writer, as well as community areas where you can play game or merely chat away with other members.There was a time when he competed against the best of the best on the country's finest dance floors, but then one day his nemesis, (nemisis's [Muse C] name), decided he was tired of being second best. Muse A's knee was damaged and he lost his dance partner to Muse C.Now he's a bum living in a crummy apartment, and his knee is still not back to normal--though he can still dance pretty well.No, instead all the global economies collapsed, it was an economic apocalypse brought on by some global super virus, among other reasons, know as The Great Collapse to those who survived it.Some people banded together and made communities that were safe, and provided for themselves, some were in the big cities, others in smaller urban and suburban areas, and some were entire small farming communities before the Collapse.

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