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"Just because a particular emergency once required him to tell you his password does not give you a perpetual license to go snooping through his phone looking for pictures and texts anytime you feel like it." Not to mention this isn't super-healthy behavior in the first place. law, people have a right to an expectation of privacy, even with close loved ones, Judge Keith Cutler explains.

If you feel like your only resort is to sneak into your partner's phone, then you might need to rethink your relationship-or at least look into couples' counseling. This means that if he hands you his phone and shows you something or leaves his screen unlocked and open where you can obviously see it, he is not expecting it to stay private. It can be frustrating to be with someone who will share a toothbrush with you but not their phone, but ultimately that's their call to make.

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Reduce anyone's temptation to take a casual glance by making sure you're already taking basic privacy measures, Judge Keith Cutler says.

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Pop quiz: You're hanging out on a lazy Saturday and your boyfriend leaves the room.

While he's gone, his phone lights up with a notification. Do you A) Decide it's none of your business and look away, B) Make a mental note to ask him about it, C) Pick it up, swipe in his passcode and read it, or D) Use it as permission to go full Mr. Choosing the first option requires the self-control of a saint-the temptation to snoop in someone else's phone is real.

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