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Frank arrives in Denver expecting to see Robert conduct the city's orchestra. Robert also tells Frank his visit is at a bad time, as the orchestra is flying to Europe the next day, but this is a lie.So within hours Frank prepares to take a bus to Las Vegas to visit his daughter Rosie.However, once he gets to Amy's house, Frank realizes Jack was not sick and Amy was just making up an excuse.Frank hits a few golf balls with Jack in the yard of their impressive suburban home.

While waiting, Amy introduces her father to a male co-worker.Frank is adamant that each visit be a surprise, but Robert calls Rosie to warn her of his arrival.In a lonely hall of the bus station, during an encounter with a drug addict, Frank offers money to the drug addict.It is a remake of Giuseppe Tornatore's Italian film Everybody's Fine.In Brazil, Russia and Japan the film was released direct-to-DVD.

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