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Although the newly organized group in North Dakota voted to be affiliated as a chapter of AHSGR, in reality it was never formally accepted.

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A concern of the Board of AHSGR was that the newly-founded NDHSGR also had begun a publication – called the NDHSGR Workpaper, which, also was the name of the publication of AHSGE publication.It would fulfill the hope of some that it would happen just that way.Split from AHSGR At its inception, AHSGR did not have a clear conception of the chapters in its organization.While it is not known to me when, but it was at one of the conventions of the AAABA that Mr.Miller met a member of his chosen profession from North Dakota, who as it turned out, was of the same ethnic background and who also was so strongly interested in his ethnicity as to accept “election” to the Board of Directors of AHSGR and to promote and be the leader to organize and develop a “chapter” in North Dakota. Friedrich of Rugby, Second Judicial District Court Judge.

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