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more By popular demand, Camera 3 Entertainment is now hosting monthly screenings of Tommy Wiseau's The Room, an electrifying American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies.

Text chat costs £1.50 per message received plus you…

LIVE 1-2-1 GRANNY PHONE SEX CHAT, TELE 0909 5340912 or text LISAG then send to 89077 Calls cost (65p) per minute plus network access charge.

TELE 0909 5349905 OR TEXT LISAG then send to 89077 Calls cost 65P per minute plus ‘Access Charge’.

Callers must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s …

-If that last line has you rolling your eyes, don't worry, Refuse to take sh*t from anyone, If life were a movie I'd be a villain.

When film and video are recorded separately you need a visual cue and an audio cue that happen at the same time - traditionally this is made by a "clapper" or "sticks" - some guy in a baseball hat steps in front of the camera with a clapper and says "scene three, take four" and bangs the two parts of the clapper together.

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Multiple video outs can go to displays or to recording devices.

B-roll allows you to cut from the main event, which you may do to cover a camera move, or to keep a scene from dragging on.

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