I mean, I don’t want them talking about this really, that could be bad.Man, I really don’t want this to get around, you know?Click the ORDER NOW button below, fill in your information, and you'll get instant access to the entire Connection Code program (with all the bonuses! I feel so good and confident - Keep doing what you do! "— Laura H, Los Angeles CA "I now have the confidence to date the men I want.I feel like I will be able to find a good man quicker and have the healthy, loving, supportive relationship I've always desired.


Ben, Chris, and our other cellmates, begin to ask Gary questions about his “techniques.” His answers are clear, and sharp, and somewhat… This pleases the boys, and, to be honest, I am not immune to the appeal of his rhetoric. I do not doubt that Gary gets laid all the time, and he seems to be entirely unperturbed by the postcoital emotional complications that lesser men such as myself might experience .

Somehow, in his mind, his status as a professional "dating guru" cast the whole episode, and him, in a much more favorable light.

Yes, that’s correct, he seemed to feel that his being ARRESTED for SEXUAL ASSAULT was more easily, and sympathetically understood in light of the fact that he was a PRO.“I mean, these girls weren’t even, like, all that hot, right?

I mean, there’s like some guys, some competitors of mine, who would really use this against me if they find out. I could get screwed.”I am doing everything in my power at this point not to laugh out loud.

Ben and Chris have long since stopped trying, and are nearly pissing themselves.

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