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Don’t underestimate the sense of inner peace that can be experienced when you are living a life that is filled with serving others in Jesus’ name.

Last, I would say do all of this with a group of people who love you and who love God as much as you do.

We’ve been a huge fan since his Breakaway Ministry days, and we are now so excited to see God using him and his wife, Donna to launch Passion City Church in Washington, D. Donna Stuart is also a dear friend of Redeemed Girl, so when Ben released his book, Single Dating Engaged Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age we wanted to encourage everyone we know to run out and buy a copy.

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One thing I could say here is that you want a marriage where you not only make each other happy, but you make each other better.

I would even say consider changing the verb from “waiting” to “attacking”!

Seize the benefits that singleness offers, namely freedom and time, and leverage them to do the most good in the world.

It does not mean that she was a dentist and he was a plumber. Make sure you have a man who wants to run after the purposes of God as hard and fast as you do.

You also want a man who has a character shaped by Jesus.

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