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Restaurants also get pretty busy at the weekend and it is quite hard to find a table if you haven’t made a reservation in advance.

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Because in the Netherlands, it’s really not that big of a deal.It is quite common for young people in Amsterdam to continue studying past their mid-twenties and many students prolong undergraduate or master’s degrees by several years in order to complete their theses.So when someone over 25 says ‘I am a student’ they might mean that they are still working on their thesis, but nonetheless have full-time jobs and steady incomes.Even though the dating scene in Amsterdam is pretty similar to elsewhere in Northern Europe, foreign singletons in the city may want to take into account the following, local customs, habits and idiosyncrasies, in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment or confusion!Despite their hometown’s reputation abroad, most Amsterdammers aren’t diehard stoners and many don’t smoke cannabis at all (or may even object to the drug’s presence altogether).

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