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My path started with my educational background and career working in psychiatric hospitals. However, my personal history is what makes this my calling. I did not want to be seen as less than or, G-d forbid, vulnerable. But to the outside world, I looked like I had it all together and didn’t want or need a relationship. Eight months ago, a wonderful man met me who I had actually met years before.

I moved back to California from Texas after having a number of important but not “the right one” relationships. So I had created this persona so no one would think I was lacking or wanting or sad or lonely. The work my mentor and I did together was on dropping the mask, to get back to the real me – the me beneath all the “supposed-to-be’s” and the “don’t-want-them-to-see’s” – so I could relax fully and comfortably in who I am and who I was born to be. All my insights about being feminine and patient, open, receptive, available and respectful have served me well.

But I love this Bella Luxx two piece ensemble available at Bardot, because it’s so versatile.

Wear the whole look to be glam for your date or mix and match both pieces with your wardrobe staple for lots of great casual looks.

Or for the men, if suits aren’t your thing then wear those cargo pants with a great collared shirt. Feel Amazing The most important piece of advice to give is to feel amazing in what you’re wearing no matter what.

If you can do that, then your date will get that vibe too and will respond well to your confidence.

A clean shirt, a un-wrinkled dress, a nice pair of shoes all seem like obvious decisions, but do they really matter?I want to help people into their “meant-to-be” relationships so they feel connected and loved!I am fiercely committed to working with women who can’t seem to find the right relationship and are ready to give up on love.Good clothes may have no effect on a date, but bad clothes almost certainly will. Guys usually only know other guys who are just as clueless as they are, but can save themselves some embarrassment by checking a restaurant’s dress code, for example (jackets and ties might be required), or picking a date that requires a certain type of clothing (camping, a trip to the beach, or other activity dates practically dress themselves, so to speak).For the ladies, I suggest heading over to Bardot on 17th and Westcliff.

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