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He always did love when we were overly sappy and silly.We exchanged an email and he left some comments on my fliker pages after that night, but we never talked in real time again.I have realized that I am very strong, very talented and that this coming year is the Chinese year of the Tiger. I am The Brocade Tiger…this is going to be my year.Well, those of you that know me have already heard that my beloved Partner, Genie Sorbet died in the real world this weekend.(You guessed it..there will be more about that in a later post, but don’t hope for juicy details) This wedding story started way back in early May when I put out a singles ad on a whim and on a whim of his own Genie answered it.I am not sure it was love at first sight but as least on my part it was a crush at first sight. Early on in our first date, he mentioned how strange a person he was in SL because he believed in only having one lover at a time, in being true to that one person and building something solid.I took photos of everything, seemed I was always snapping pictures of him, of us. …I knew I was going to lose him someday and I so wanted to capture every memory. Last Weds, Dec 9th, he came on and spent a couple good hours with me.We went out dancing and listened to a live comedic singer who made him laugh till his sides ached.

Second Life may be “just a game” but what a game it is. Lex ❤ Posted in Second Life, SL, Uncategorized, Worldofsl with tags bishounen, brocade tiger, gay, gay sl, Genie, hand fast, lexi Vargas, lexicon, men, second life romance, SL, sl men, sl romance, sl wedding, wedding on September 30, 2009 by Red Lexi You know I had to share more about my recent Hand fasting to Genie, after all it was just to big a day to only merit one post.I have always thought he was a lovely thing to look at but during the wedding, he honestly took my breath away.I told him he is not allowed to take that crown off for at least two weeks.Then we talked awhile, just gentle peaceful talk as lovers will do. This turned out to be his last moments on Second life…he spent them in my arms.When he logged out that night, he was still curled into my arms. Somehow the romantic, sappiness of that poetic ending would have made him smile.

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